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Photography Gallery of San Francisco City Hall Weddings

This is a compilation of many of our recent San Francisco City Hall Weddings.  Dubnoff Wedding Photography has specialized in City Hall weddings for over 10 years with 300 weddings photographed.  We are also one of the few wedding photographers to obtain official approval from the Event Office to shoot weddings at this amazing venue. This allows us to photograph special events, reserved weddings and Saturday marriages.  We have also obtained the necessary insurance coverage and other important documentation needed to legally photograph these  special events.

For more information including pricing and packages please go to our San Francisco City Hall Prices page.  There you will find important information about booking us and also package details.  We have provided useful information for navigating your way through the entire matrimonial process at city hall.  This includes obtaining your marriage license and booking your ceremony date and time.  The section called: "Helpful Hints On Your Wedding Day" provides you with answers to many of the frequently asked questions that we hear.  Our many years of experience shooting weddings at city hall has provided us with tons of useful information that we love to share with you.