bride window light 2nd floor San Francisco city hall

Bride with Natural Window Light

Sometimes the best wedding photographs come from the natural light and not our professional lighting equipment. We always bring our full lighting set up at San Francisco city hall, but in this situation it wasn't needed. The sun streaming through this South facing window gave us all we needed to create a beautiful bridal portrait image. We wanted to display her train in a different way so we asked her to hold in her hand and then look down at it. In a sense, it almost looks like she is checking it out to make sure it is looking right. Its quite a romantic wedding photo and we remember that the couple loved this images. As we have mentioned elsewhere on this website, the natural light isn't always the best choice for San Francisco city hall wedding photography, but in this case it worked perfectly. We always take our newlywed couples throughout the building during the city hall photo tour and search for the best light. We like to look for sun streaming in through the windows and use it to highlight the couple. Interestingly, the sun does this more in the winter months because of the low angle. It tends to stream in and make beautiful sun spots on various locations. We can usually place our couples in this light to provide backlight, but more importantly nice texture and drama.

Best City Hall wedding photography angle of the Grand Staircase

Another interesting wedding photography angle of the Grand Staircase