Beautiful Bride Looking Down with Face Framed by Veil

Natural Frames in Wedding Photography

We always look for natural frames in any wedding photo. Usually it is something in the background behind the bride or groom or both. Perhaps its tree with a V shape or a window. It could be something in the foreground that the couple is looking through like a doorway or archway. This brings us to another type of natural frame. The brides veil! The veil can used in many ways to enhance the look of the bride. Sometimes we will back light it to make it glow and other times we will position it in a unique way to draw your eye to a certain point.In the photo above, I think the effect is obvious. We purposely moved the veil in closer to her face to frame it in a nice way. I love the way it creates a look and a feel that is very intimate. As a San Francisco Bay Area wedding photographer, we area always looking for great ways to frame our subject. This is classic portrait photography and we love it!