SF City Hall ceremony kiss, a candid wedding photography example

Candid City Hall Wedding Photography

Yes, sometimes we wedding photographers can admit to a little luck. I wasn't expecting this image to occur, it just did and I was lucky enough to capture it. As a professional wedding photographer, there is a tendency to relax after the first kiss has been captured and the ceremony is over. But this is huge mistake! Some of the best moments occur just after the ceremony is complete. Whether it is the bride cheering or precious moment like the one above. You just have to be ready for it. I was recently thinking back to a wedding where I was clapping for the bride and groom after the kiss. I did it because they had no guests and I wanted them to hear some applause for their completed nuptials. Unfortunately, in the process I missed a great shot of the bride and groom raising their fists in triumph after being declared husband and wife. So I learned from that experience to always keep my camera trained on the newlyweds just after the first kiss. There are all kinds of things that can happen at that point and the wedding photographer shouldn't miss it. In fact, that is a pretty good rule at every important point throughout the wedding proceedings. Keep the camera up and don't miss the great moments. Right after the kiss comes the hugs and congratulations from family and friends. Those are also great candid moments that should be captured. Documentary type of wedding photography can be very compelling and is a great addition to any couples wedding album. A nice blend of posed traditional wedding photography coupled with some truly candid images really sets off the compilation of photos nicely. When I do wedding albums for our couples, I try to provide them with a wide variety of images which tells the story of the day. In my opinion, this can be a combination of traditional photos and not just candid.

Groom lifting bride in red dress by the Grand Staircase - Wedding Photography

Wedding party group shot at San Francisco city hall