Fun Asian Couple Celebrate their SF City Hall Nuptials

The Famous San Francisco City Hall Sign

Just about everyone's favorite picture opportunity for their San Francisco city hall wedding is the classic photo out in front of the building. We save this photo for last because if we shoot it early on, we have to go back through security and this wastes valuable picture taking time. The funny thing about this sometimes is that the couples often get impatient and want to know when we will take that picture. We have to explain our reasoning for doing it last. For the photo above, this fun couple really got into a celebratory mood and this made the picture what it was! When photographing our couples in front of the sign we have a number of techniques to get great images. We can have the couple walk through the doors and raise their arms in celebration for a nice action shot. Another option is to have them jump for joy as an exciting way to show their happiness. Some newlyweds prefer to just pose for a simple smiling shot while standing under the actual sign. No matter what the pose, a city hall wedding would not be complete without at least one photo here. Here is a list of some of our recommended images:

  • Walking out of SF City Hall under the sign and celebrating
  • Posing or kissing under the sign. The couple can look at the camera or each other
  • Jumping shot in front of the sign
  • Waving to the camera in front of the sign
  • Groom carrying Bride over the city hall door threshold

San Francisco city hall bride looking amazing  as she looks back at her groom