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San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photography - Bridal Profile
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Photography Gallery of San Francisco City Hall Weddings

This is a compilation of many of our recent San Francisco City Hall Weddings. Dubnoff Wedding Photography has specialized in City Hall weddings for over 10 years with 400 weddings photographed. We are also one of the few wedding photographers to obtain official approval from the City Hall Event Office to shoot weddings at this amazing venue. This allows us to photograph special events, reserved weddings and Saturday marriages. We have also obtained the necessary insurance coverage and other important documentation needed to legally photograph these special events. Reserved weddings take place in either the Mayor's Balcony or the 4th Floor North Gallery. When booking either of these locations, you receive the added advantage of privacy. They rope off the area for 1 hour and set up chairs for your wedding guests. City Hall is a public building so paying the extra money and reserving one of these areas may be the best choice for you, especially if you have a large crowd. For more information about City Hall private weddings, click the link.

If you would like to book Dubnoff Wedding Photography for your City hall marriage please go to our San Francisco City Hall Prices page. There you will find important information about booking us and also package details. We have provided useful information for navigating your way through the entire matrimonial process at city hall. This includes obtaining your marriage license and booking your ceremony date and time. The section called: "Helpful Hints On Your Wedding Day" provides you with answers to many of the frequently asked questions that we hear. Our many years of experience shooting weddings at city hall has provided us with tons of useful information that we love to share with you. We love this venue so much that we are willing to provide anyone who asks, free advice on how to have your wedding at San Francisco City Hall. This is true whether or not you book us for your wedding.

Wedding Photography Style

No doubt you have explored many San Francisco City Hall photography websites and have noted the differences in style. The vast variety available among the top city hall photographers is pretty amazing. We often get asked how we would define our own style. Many of our clients tell us that they booked us because we stood out from the other photographers they had looked at. Our photos are super sharp and technically correct. They emphasize the beautiful architecture present in the building. Not that we are clearly better then the rest, just different. Our philosophy which has lead us to photographing well over 400 weddings in the past 6 years focuses on architecture. If you compare our work to others you will note that our images tend to show off the details and the beauty of the building itself. Taking nothing away from the Bride and Groom, because we make sure they are prominently featured. However, you may notice more wide angle shots and images that display the patterns present in this type of French architecture. If you love the unique beauty of this grand old historic building, check out our images above.

City Hall Weddings with a Smile

We feel our positive attitude and friendly demeanor set us apart. We will have fun with you on your wedding day and make sure the photo session is not too complicated or precise. We have an easy going style which will help you relax while your photos are being taken. This makes our clients feel much more at ease and produces better and more natural wedding photos. That, after all is the goal! One of the leading San Francisco City Hall wedding photographers and have been for many years!