San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photographers - Maternity Shoot

Maternity Wedding Photography at SF City Hall

This lucky couple really wanted a photo in front of the city hall sign, but from inside. We decided to turn the photo into a maternity shot! The results speak for themselves. Very romantic and an image they will treasure forever. Any San Francisco City Hall wedding photography session can also be turned partially into a maternity photo shoot. We offer all of our expectant couples the option of spending some time doing their wedding photography photo session doing strictly maternity pictures. In fact, we make it very much like a typical maternity photo session, but the only difference is that you'll be wearing your wedding attire. How much time we spend on the maternity photos versus the wedding pictures is entirely up to you. We try to make sure that you get plenty of both and we can discuss it as we go to make sure we're not doing too much of any one thing.

New Maternity Wedding Photography Package for SF City Hall Marriages

Since we do seem to receive many requests to do maternity coverage at San Francisco City Hall weddings for our pregnant brides, we decided to add a specific package for just this purpose. We call it our "Maternity Wedding Package" and it provides you with 2 hours of coverage at the price of $795. This package is for City Hall couples that want quite a few maternity photos taken. In fact, we even allow you time to change out of your wedding dress and into some maternity clothes if that's something you would like to do. Most of our pregnant couples choose to stay in their wedding attire, but we offer you the option and the time to do it. For more information regarding our maternity wedding photo package please go to our SF city hall wedding Photography page. For those interested, we also offer non-wedding Maternity photo sessions at San Francisco city hall. It is an amazing place to capture memorable images of this special time in your life.