San Francisco City Hall Grand Staircase Wedding Image

Dramatic Image Grand Staircase

The image above was enhanced by a well placed radio slave professional light. We thought it would be nice to make the bride glow so by placing our flash behind her and remotely firing it, we captured this dramatic image at San Francisco City Hall. We find that these types of pictures work best when we have a large wedding dress to work with. This is because the light that we place behind the bride can show through with a smaller wedding gown. Also the bigger the dress, the more glow and light we receive from our remotely placed light. Of course any good San Francisco city hall wedding photographer understands that you also have to suggest a nice to pose to complete the image. In the photo above, we thought it would be dramatic to have the groom dip the bride back slightly to add to this image. You may also notice that there is nobody else on the Grand Staircase. This just takes patience and some waiting for the stairs to clear. Over the years we have found that if we wait long enough, things usually clear out at some point and then you have to seize your photographic moment. We prepped this couple in advance and let them know the planned pose and where we wanted to position them. Once the Grand Staircase cleared off, we rushed the bride and groom into position and fired off a couple of quick test shots. Moments later we created dramatic image you see here.

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