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Palace of Fine Arts Wedding

This happy wedding couple really wanted to spend some time at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco. You can see the results of this very happy and romantic bride and groom. We took them on a tour of the Palace and visited all of the popular spots and a few not so obvious ones. They were so much fun to work with and we really enjoyed the time spent with them. The Palace of Fine Arts is one of our favorite wedding photography locations after we complete the city all marriage coverage. It is only about a 15 minute drive from Civic Center and parking is usually abundant. The only downside to doing a wedding photography shoot here is that there can sometimes be quite a few tourists present, so it takes some patience and occasional waiting. This is one venue where your patience will definitely be rewarded because there are many beautiful locations to photography the bride and groom. Some couples only want the iconic shot of the front of the building over the pond, but others want to full treatment. This includes walking around to the back of the Rotunda and exploring the different areas for photography. There are many tall columns, gorgeous trees and other views of the Rotunda.

San Francisco city hall wedding photographer image - 3rd Floor