Sepia Tone Wedding Photography - Bride and Groom Image

Sepia Tone in Bay Area Wedding Photography

Sepia tone is one way to enhance an image to make it look just a bit different than all the other photos. We always provide our clients with a few sepia tone examples just to see if they like them and even possibly want more. Often times we use sepia tone in a wedding image that has a background that looks antique. For example, after a San Francisco City Hall wedding we might take our couple to obtain a cable car photo. Placing the bride and groom in front of a cable car and then printing it in sepia tone gives the whole photo a different look. It takes you back 100 years and makes you think about what San Francisco must have been like back then. In the photo above however, we decided to just convert a close up portrait in order to see it in sepia tone. I have to say I like the result. We never overdo this effect because any special effect can be tiresome if you see it over and over again. As mentioned elsewhere on this website, we also provide are newlyweds with a large number of black and white images as well. Rest assured that every photo we create will be given to you in color, but for an added bonus you get some special effect photos like we talked about. Please note that most of our galleries on the website will display a few Black and White images as well as Sepia. Some clients have told me that they don't like sepia tone. I tell them no problem, we won't give you any sepia tone examples or we can delete them afterwards if you prefer. Some of you reading this may wonder what exactly is sepia tone? As you might be able to see from the photo above, sepia is basically a brown and white photo as opposed to black and white. So there really is no color in the photo except for the Brown tones. If you have more questions about this example or just want more information please feel free to ask us.