Awesome Rainbow Socks for this LGBTQ marriage

Rainbow Socks at San Francisco City Hall - Same-Sex Wedding

This wedding at SF City Hall was actually one of our first same-sex weddings we ever did. This very nice couple had been together for many years in a committed relationship. The law finally changed in California allowing same gender weddings to occur. This caused a pretty large uptick in the amount of weddings that we photographed at City Hall that year. Many of the couples that we encountered had been together for many years and now finally were provided the opportunity to make their union legal. We discovered that these couples were extremely grateful for the opportunity to be married. More so, it seemed, than a typical young couple. As you can see from the photo above, this couple decided to wear rainbow socks to celebrate their nuptials. Naturally we needed to make sure we captured this image in a successful way but didn't want to do something cheesy. So we put the 2 grooms in a pose that naturally lifted up there pant legs to show their socks. We took 2 wedding photography images of the same pose. One close-up image that centered on the socks themselves and then one that showed both of the grooms sitting in the window. Unfortunately, sitting in this particular City Hall window is no longer allowed by the new rules published in 2017. However, we liked this photo so much that we wanted to still post it on our website. There are other places in the building where we can set up a similar image, so don't worry if you want to do this. Just ask!

Rainbow Socks Men at San Francisco City Hall Wedding