LGBTQ  Brides Posing for City Hall Wedding Photography

Black and White Wedding Photography - LGBTQ Couple

The photo above shows our LGBTQ brides posing on the fourth floor at Francisco City Hall. This black and white image does a nice job of showing the relationship between the 2 brides. The natural light on the fourth floor lends itself well to black and white. I have always felt that black and white looks particularly well accompanied by soft natural soft light. Toni and I were lucky this day because it was not very crowded at San Francisco City Hall. This makes it much easier to obtain great images on the fourth floor. We were able to have this same sex couple walk hand in hand throughout the building while interacting and playfully laughing with each other. One of the other things I really enjoy about this wedding photography image is the architecture in the background. We are so lucky to be SF City Hall wedding photographers and have access to all of this beautiful old style architecture. Consequentially, we end up taking quite a few wide angle shots. We always make sure we obtain some nice close up shots of the brides as well. This was definitely one of our favorite couples of 2017 mostly because they really seemed to be involved in the photography and enjoyed it so much. This really makes a huge difference in the overall quality of the final images. The photo below is another example of black white wedding photography but with a different couple. Again, the lack of color helps focus your eyes on the love shared between the couple. This Same-sex couple was completely different than the couple displayed above. In this case, we only had one wedding dress to work with, but it was a beautiful one and the bride wore it well.

Black and White Lesbian Brides at SF City Hall