Same-Sex Christmas Ceremony at the SF Courthouse

Same-Sex Christmas Ceremony - City Hall

This same-sex City Hall wedding took place during the Christmas season. In December almost all City Hall ceremonies occur in front of the Christmas tree. If you celebrate Christmas, it's a fantastic place to have your ceremony performed. In the photo above, we caught our couples in the middle of laughing after hearing a funny comment by the officiant I feel like one of the keys to capturing great San Francisco City Hall wedding pictures is to be ready for these types of moments when they occur. If you miss it, it may never happen again during the ceremony. This particular LGBTQ couple was extremely fun to work with and spent a considerable amount of time laughing and having fun with each other. This makes our job as City Hall wedding photographers easier. After this ceremony we took the couple to various places in the building for formal and informal wedding pictures. We visited the Mayor's Balcony, the Fourth Floor North gallery, and of course, The Grand Staircase. There are so many locations throughout City Hall to take quality pictures that there is always something else to do. Frequently, we actually run out of time and have to move on. We always make sure our couple is satisfied with what we've done before we stop, however. Once this phase of the wedding photography was complete, we took the happy newlyweds outside for some pictures in front of the City Hal Entrance sign.

LGBTQ Wedding Ceremony in San Francisco