Same-Sex Wedding Photography at the San Francisco Courthouse

LGBTQ San Francisco Wedding

This same sex couple had their wedding at San Francisco City Hall and were really one of our favorites that year. Every pose we did with them they added to it with something fun that made it really easy to get great wedding photos. One of the LGBTQ Brides was a basketball coach in college. So we had a great time talking about that since I used to coach women's basketball also. They booked our city hall plus package which gave them 1.5 hours of Photography coverage at San Francisco City Hall. This included family photos and friends. After the ceremony we took them around the building for their City Hall photo tour. We had a great time laughing and making great memories with wedding photography. Later that year, one of the brides decided to surprise her wife with a secretly done wedding album. Between the two of us we picked the photos that were going to go in the album and did a good job keeping it a secret so it would be a great surprise for her. It goes without saying that I strongly encourage all of our couples to obtain one of our wedding albums. Yes, they are optional and cost a little extra money, but it is well worth it because it preserves your memories and makes it easy to show others your wedding pictures. The other fun thing about this couple was that they both wore formal white wedding dresses. This makes it super easy to get unique and dramatic photos in this building . It takes us a little bit more work because you have to arrange and straighten the train on two separate wedding dresses. It is well worth it however because the results are spectacular . We really enjoyed spending a nice time with this LGBTQ couple and have kept in touch with them years after their wedding. We enjoy learning about how their family is growing with them having 2 children. Perhaps a family portrait is coming in the future!