SF City Hall Gay Wedding with LGBTQ Brides Having Fun for Photography

LGBTQ City Hall Wedding Photographer

This may have been our most fun couples of 2017. We had such a good time photographing their same-sex wedding at San Francisco City Hall. Some couples make it very easy to capture candid photos and these brides definitely fell into that category. Throughout our photography session they were constantly laughing and playing. To be honest, all we had to do was capture the moments as they presented themselves to us. Admittedly, we did provide them with a great environment to be able to work this way with us. Tony and I are very easygoing City Hall wedding photographers and just want to make it fun for everyone involved. After we completed there City Hall ceremony among relatives and friends, we took the newlyweds on a tour of the building taking photos as we walked. We were fortunate that day because there was not too large of a tourist crowd in the building, making it easier to capture great photos of this LGBTQ couple. One of the brides and myself shared a common interest. She was a woman's basketball coach which is something I used to do as well many years ago. So this commonality gave us something to discuss with each other. After our photography coverage was complete, one of the brides decided to surprise her partner with a wedding album designed and printed by us. We highly recommend our custom made City Hall wedding album. It is a great way to preserve your memories for the future.

The Legion of Honor in San Francisco

The photo below was taken at one of my favorite wedding photography spots. It is called the Legion of Honor and it is located in the Avenues very close to the ocean. The views from here are spectacular and as you can see from the photo, it's a pretty special place for wedding photographers.

LGBTQ Wedding Kiss at the Legion of Honor in San Francisco