San Francisco City Hall Bride Adjusting  her Dress After Wedding

Bride Adjusting her Dress at City Hall

We love catching candid photography moments like in the image displayed above. Our bride was taking a moment to make sure her dress was laying out correctly and we thought it was a gorgeous pose and immediately captured the moment. There is nothing like putting a bride wearing a veil in natural light to really create a stunning image. We love the 3rd floor windows on the North side of San Francisco city hall because they let in this beautiful directional natural light. Used properly, it can enhance the look of our wedding photography images. This is also often a posed shot that we do for our city hall newlyweds, but in this case we captured it more naturally. We take so many pictures close to these 3rd floor windows, it always makes for great images with superior lighting. This is also a good time to point out how the bride's bouquet really enhances this image. San Francisco city hall is a beautiful place for wedding photography, but it can be kind of drab in terms of color. A colorful bouquet as you see in this pictures works wonders in helping the photo pop more. We suggest to all our San Francisco brides that bringing a bouquet would be beneficial and enhance the photos, but it certainly is not mandatory.

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