San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photographer - Candid Photo

Candid Wedding Photography

One thing that is for certain about great wedding photography.... The best images with the most impact are candid moments. If you can capture them, you are going to be a great wedding photographer. In this particular photo, we are not looking at a real candid photo. However, in my opinion, we captured a candid MOMENT. We asked the couple to walk on the 4th floor North Gallery at San Francisco City Hall. As they walked towards us, they started being playful with each other and I captured the photo above. A very nice moment between this newly married couple. When we photograph weddings, we try to not pose every single photo. Instead, we try to put the couple into situations such as the above photo illustrates. We spent considerable time with the bride and groom also creating posed photographs, but this is one of our favorites! At times it is possible to create a look that appears natural and spontaneous. San Francisco city hall weddings don't always provide enough opportunities for documentary type of photography. They differ from a typical wedding in that there usually isn't any of the types of events you normally see. There is no cake cutting, first dance or toasts. These types of events that occur within a large wedding provides the photographer with many opportunities to catch candid images. Since they don't exist in a Civil marriage, it is up the wedding photographer to help create them. This what occurred in the photo above. We put the newlyweds in a situation where they could interact. The end result could have been lifeless and boring, but this couple made it fun by their actions towards each other.

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