City Hall Bride Throwing Bouquet in the Air with Glee

City Hall Bride Throwing Bouquet of Flowers

This San Francisco city hall bride wanted to throw flowers after the wedding..... To herself! We put her by the trees in the Civic Center Square park and had her throw the bouquet up in the air. To make the image different, we converted the entire image to Black and White except the flowers. This make the bride's bouquet stand out in the picture. We tried displaying the shot in color and the flowers just got lost in the background. I tried approaching the editing of this image different ways and it seemed like the best option was to make only the flowers in color. I also like this image because it shows the pure joy on the face of the bride as she celebrates her recent nuptials. These are the kinds of things we try to accomplish with all of our San Francisco city hall wedding photography sessions. Great images show emotion, movement and beauty. We feel like this image conveys all of this. The interesting thing is that this was really the Bride's idea to take this shot, so we have to give her credit. I think I will use this shot in other weddings.

Taking Photography Advice from our Newlyweds

Yes, you read that correctly. As mentioned above, the bride suggested this photo. We would be remiss if we didn't listen to our newlyweds requests for photos. Sure, we have lots of ideas for backgrounds and poses at San Francisco city hall, but we have found over the years that our couple's ideas can be equally good and successful. The main thing is to at least listen to the suggestions and try them out. We never forget that this is your wedding and so want to provide you with the service you want and that includes listening to your ideas. This wasn't the first time I incorporated a bride's idea for a wedding picture into the portfolio and it will not be the last!

The Photo below shows a SF City Hall wedding couple releasing doves into the air. Its always a great shot and we try to capture it from both close up range and also far away!

Wedding dove release after San Francisco ceremony