San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photographers - Hallway Image

City Hall Hallway Image

I love this dramatic Hallway image taken at San Francisco City Hall. We set up a hidden light behind the bride to light up the veil and add something different to the image. For this picture I decided to present it to the couple in Black and White to provide a unique look. One of the things that make this image so appealing is how it shows of City Hall's historic Architecture style of repeating lines and Symmetry. This Beaux-Arts style of building was very popular around the turn of the 19th century. It's artistry and beauty have certainly kept up very well throughout the years. As a San Francisco city hall wedding photographer, I feel a special obligation to my clients to be sure and highlight this architecture in their wedding pictures. I always remind myself that the big reason that our couples chose City Hall for their wedding was because of it's beauty. Much of this beauty can be linked to the amazing architecture present everywhere in the building. So even though, we will take plenty of close up photos of our brides and grooms, we always make sure to get plenty of wide angle images to show off the amazing San Francisco city hall backgrounds.

Different angle for the Staircase - Beautiful wedding pictures

Inside angle of San Francisco city hall sign shot

Asian Couple with red wedding gowns celebrating at the Grand Staircase