San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photography - Baker Beach

Alternative Wedding Dresses

One of the most rewarding things about being a city hall wedding photographer is the diversity of wedding dresses you come across. Because of the fact that SF City Hall is somewhat of an alternative wedding venue, it attracts many different types of dresses. Brides understand that a civil ceremony by nature can be quite casual by nature, but the elegance of the building can also allow for formal wear. The end result is that as a wedding photographer you end up encountering virtually every type of dress ranging from from completely casual to extremely formal. The wedding dress above was a formal dress but not typically thought of as for a wedding. However, it worked amazingly well in the couple's wedding pictures. It dazzled in the sunlight and also stood out in the San Francisco Fog. This particular image was created in the back area at Baker Beach away from the ocean. There is a heavily wooded area that we love there that is nearby and it's great for wedding pictures.

Large Family photo at San Francisco city hall entrance

How Should you Dress for San Francisco City Hall

This is a question I am frequently asked by my city hall brides and grooms before the wedding. There is no single answer that fits because by the very nature of Civil Ceremonies there are lots of options. My primary suggestion to couples is to dress the way that suits them best. This is possible at San Francisco City Hall because there is such a wide range of attire being worn by couples getting married. We have seen everything from Blue Jeans to formal wedding gowns with 12 foot trains. We've seen short dresses and long formal dresses. Even the color can vary at City Hall. Many people smartly wear something with color because it makes it stand out more in the mostly grey background of the building's interior. Red or burgundy are two colors we often see. The general answer to the question is wear whatever you want, everything works at San Francisco City Hall.