groom jumps in san francisco in front of City Hall

The Famous City Hall Sign

We always ask our clients if they have any special requests for their San Francisco City Hall wedding photo shoot. More times than not, they ask about taking a photo in front of the City Hall sign. We have tried just about every combination of photos and poses in this location. We try to get a feel for what our clients want. Some want a funny shot like the one above and others want a more standard posed image. No matter what they request, we try to provide them with a variety of images to choose from. The funny thing is that some of our clients can get a little impatient with us at times because they want this photo so much. They don't understand that we save it for last because of the fact that we would have to go back through security if we did it earlier.

Jumping Shots in Wedding Photography

We receive about the same amount of requests to NOT do a jumping shot as compared to actually staging one. Just to let you know, we never pressure our clients to do a jumping shot and it's normally the bride or groom's idea. I mention this because when perspective clients see a jumping photo on our web page they will sometimes ask us if they will be required to jump. The answer is of course not! Not only will you not be required, but we usually don't even ask. But if our clients want it, we are more than willing! To be honest, it can be a little risky because of the bride wearing heals. Not the best platform.Selective color wedding photography image

San Francisco Golden Gate Fog

We often warn our recently married couples that heading out to The Golden Gate Bridge on a typical San Francisco foggy day may not result in a good photo of the subject. However, some adventuresome couples decide that having the bridge partially covered by fog is just the appropriate thing to represent the city. To me, this photo is a wonderful reminder of 2 of the things that San Francisco is famous for..... The Golden Gate Bridge and Fog. We always encourage our couples to go ahead and try for the GG Bridge photo even if the weather isn't perfect.

Newlyweds showing their Marriage License outside of SF City Hall