San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photographer - LGBT Brides

Same-Sex Weddings at SF City Hall

We were one of the first City Hall Wedding Photographers to emphasize and openly seek out LGBT weddings to photograph once it became legal to do so.  In the first year Same-Sex Marriages became legal, we photographed over 35 LGBT weddings!   It was truly an amazing experience as we met couples who had been in committed relationships for decades, but never married.  You can imagine the emotion and relief in many of them as they were finally granted their wish to wed.  This particular couple was definitely one of our more fun experiences.  They really had fun with the shoot and it shows in the photos.  We did a reasonable amount of posing, but as you can see, both of them reserved the right to improvise.  Without question, our favorite images from this shoot were the ones where they were goofing around and having fun.  We made sure to capture all of these special moments.