Married Couple Walking Away From City Hall in San Francisco

Walking Images in San Francisco

We always strive to make our couples look as natural as possible in their wedding photos. We do pose them, but we try not to over do it. My philosophy is that the more time you take posing a couple the more nervous and uneasy they become. Keeping things moving quickly helps everybody be more relaxed and definitely enhances the final product. In the example above we simply suggested there are a couple walk across the street. We did provide a few minor instructions, but in general all we really did was suggest they look at each other as they walked. This makes for a more candid looking photo. Having them do it while walking across the street is even better. This wedding dates back to 2012 and we had a great time with this couple. In fact, they have referred 2 additional city hall weddings in that time. They came all the way to San Francisco just to get married. I love this photo of them because it truly captures their personalities and that's what good wedding photography is all about.

Staying in Touch with Our City Hall Newlyweds

I thought this would be a good place to mention how much we enjoy our couples and staying in touch with them long after the wedding. The reason I wanted to talk about is this particular couple was one of our first city hall weddings photographed and we have stayed in touch ever since. They have added a whole family now and seem to be doing great. Some of our couples have actually become close friends with us and we have gotten together for drinks and to catch up. This is truly one of the nice things about this business is the chance to make lifelong friends and learn about people's interests, etc.

Pretty Bride sitting in San Francisco city hall window

County Clerk Marriage License and check-in by Bride and Groom