San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photographers - Golden Gate Bridge

Romantic SF City Hall Wedding Images

Not all wedding photography images require showing the faces of the bride and groom. The main goal is to portray some sort of romantic feelings between the couple. The Golden Gate Bridge has long been thought of romantically with a strong link to San Francisco. When we take our city hall couples on their San Francisco photo tour many of them choose the Golden Gate Bridge as one of the stops along the way. The question becomes where? There are many different angles to the bridge and all of them have their strong points. Listed below are some of our favorite options:

  • Baker Beach
  • Crissy Field
  • Fort Point
  • Marin County
  • Legion of Honor
  • Lincoln Park Golf Course
  • Bridge Parking Lot

What we do When We Arrive For Wedding Photography

Once we arrive at one of the above locations, then it becomes a question of how to pose the couple and also what type of image they want. There are so many options and most involve being able to see the bride and groom. However, an image like the one above has a number of advantages and can accomplish many things. First of all, it guarantees that we obtain a nice photo of the back of the bridal gown. This is always important, because when the bride carefully choses her wedding dress she also wants the back of it to look amazing. In addition, the romance of City Hall newlyweds with the arms around each other gazing that Golden Gate bridge is very alluring. We love this pose for these and many other reasons. Its always great when one pose can contribute multiple things to the shoot and accomplishes goals well beyond the original intention. One other thing to point out is we remembered to keep the water line below the bride and groom heads. This keeps the line from crossing through their bodies which can sometimes be distracting. This type of photo definitely will take them back to their time at the Golden Gate Bridge on their wedding day! For more information about our affordable San Francisco city hall wedding coverage please click the link.

Bride in red wedding dress celebrates for the camera in San Francisco