San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photographer - Asian Brides

Asian Bride in Black and White at SF City Hall

We included this special effect in our city hall wedding gallery just to show brides and grooms that this is one of the products we offer them. We always provide our clients with a few photos like this, including Black and White, Sepia tone and colorized images. These are actually quite fun to do and our couples love them. We try to give each couple 2 or 3 of these and many ask for more. Our San Francisco city hall wedding photography service includes some special things that our couples don't expect. We like to surprise them with extra benefits and interesting effects.

Photoshop Special Effects for Photography

This particular effect can be done in Photoshop and is not all that complicated to pull off. We start with taking one of our normal color images and converting it to black and white. However, the image retains the color information in the background so it is easy to selectively bring it back. We can simply just select the items we want to return to color with our mouse. Often times we like to show the color of the bouquet as we did in this photo. San Francisco city hall tends to have lots of whites and grays in the background so adding a splash of color as we have done here makes even more of a visual impact.

In these modern times, couple expect more from their SF City Hall photographers than just simple and sharp images. They want some image manipulation for fun and to show their friends and relatives. After your wedding when you receive your proofs, most of the images with be color, but then we will include a few samples of Black and white and these type of images with selective color. If you have any special requests, we are happy to hear those too. We will do what we can to provide you with the products you need including professional wedding albums. We make this custom wedding albums to your specifications and you get to choose the images.

Fun moment  San Francisco city hall wedding ceremony with Officiant

Fun moment at this San Francisco city hall wedding ceremony