San Francisco city hall Marriage in Black and White - Rotunda

Special Effects in City Hall Photography

This is one of my favorite subjects to discuss. Why? Because people have such differing opinions on whether or not images that are "unreal" should be included in a wedding album. The answer to this is easy..... Always give clients what they want or need. One of the most important lessons I learned while studying for my eventual Masters Degree in Business is what is called "selling benefits". What does this mean? Basically, it's about finding out what your client needs or wants and then explaining to them how you are going to provide it in their final product.

I have heard some wedding photographers attempt to talk their clients out of things that they want because it "best for them". I also remember attending a wedding photography workshop years ago which was given by a very good photographer. His basic premise was that the average wedding client doesn't really know what they want so it is up to us as photographers to tell them! I could not agree less! This particular photographer was only trying to enhance his portfolio by focusing on shooting what he considered would be award winning images. It really didn't matter to him if the client wanted these types of images. This is often an extreme view, but it bears discussion. The customer is always right, even when they are not!

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The image above is one of the effects we offer our clients. We only provide a couple of these to each of our brides and grooms and only if they want it. The idea is to have the married couple stand out within the black and white background. A great photo for San Francisco city hall because of the Architecture present.