Window Light on the Bride at a San Francisco City Hall Wedding

Window Light at SF City Hall

One of the favorite things we enjoy about being SF city hall wedding photographers is the beautiful light available around various parts of the building. Unlike newer buildings, city hall has many large window that go nearly down to the floor. At different times during the day the light either comes straight in and bathes our wedding couples in direct light or indirectly like what you see in the photo above. For this particular photo, we placed the bride just close enough to the window to actually have it in the photo, but not too far away either. We wanted the beautiful indirect light to give her a nice soft natural look. The only issue with the particular photo is that there is a radiator just below it and it doesn't add anything to the photo. So in this case, I removed it in Photoshop. I don't do this kind of thing often, but it worked well here. Wedding photography at city hall is so amazing because the light sources such as this window are so beautiful that they can become part of the image.

Bride in Window Light at San Francisco city hal