Berkeley City Club Wedding Photographer - Dance Dip Pose in Sepia Tone

Sepia Tone Images in Bay Area Wedding Photography

I always enjoy posting a certain amount of sepia tone images. I think that there are certain photos that are really enhanced by using sepia. Mostly photos at places that are older and have interesting architecture. In the photo above, the Berkeley City Club lends itself quite well to this type of effect. As you can see, it appears like a photo fits right in to the background and architecture. It also helps that the bride was wearing an older style veil, which also added to the overall vintage look of this photo. But I also feel like you can use sepia tone with any kind of image. Another type of background that works well in my opinion, is trees and grass and outdoor backgrounds. For some reason I like the way it looks when it is converted to sepia tone. In fact, I think sepia works better for outdoor photography than black and white in some cases. I certainly think it worked well in the photo above and we ended up doing more photos like this in various places around this beautiful old building.

Berkeley City Club Wedding Venue

The Berkeley City Club is a fantastic venue and one of our favorites. it is very historic because it was one of the first clubs for women in Berkeley or actually anywhere in the Bay Area. There is tons of History here and an amazing amount of beautiful backgrounds inside the building. I would also point out that the outdoor areas are not quite as impressive. So I would assume that the other Berkeley wedding photographers probably take their newlyweds to a different location if they wanted outdoor images. I think I would for sure if the couple really wanted outdoor wedding pictures in the Berkeley area. Bay Area wedding photographers are accustomed to having many beautiful places to shoot great images. We also specialize in San Francisco city hall wedding photography. For more information check out our webpage for prices and packages.