Boundary Oaks Wedding Picture in Golf Cart

Boundary Oaks Wedding Photography in Walnut Creek

We photographed this wedding at Boundary Oaks back in 2018. Walnut Creek has many great wedding venues but Boundary Oaks is one of our favorites. They have a great bridal prep room that has plenty of space and also a good sized reception area. Over the years, we have photographed at least 10 weddings at this well known Walnut Creek wedding destination. One of the advantages of having your wedding here is that they let you out on the golf course for pictures after your ceremony. As you can see from the photo above, they let you take one of their golf cards out and you can travel to the 18th hole for wedding pictures. There used to be a large Oak tree where we would take our brides and grooms, but unfortunately it came down in a 2019 winter storm. Fortunately, there are other areas in the vicinity that also make nice backgrounds for wedding photography. It is important to hire a San Francisco Bay area with experience here so they know where to take you. There are also a few hidden areas around the front of the building that also makes for perfect and beautiful backgrounds. We really love Boundary Oaks, it's one of our favorite Walnut Creek wedding venues. in fact it's probably one of our favorite Bay Area wedding destinations