Bride kissing Groom on Bay Area Golf Course in San Francisco

Special Effect Wedding Images

This is one of our favorite Bay Area wedding spots. It is called Boundary Oaks and it is located in Walnut Creek, California. In the photo above the couple is out on the golf course near the giant Oak tree that this venue is famous for. We ask the groom to hold on to his bride and bend her back slightly for this this posed outdoor wedding photography image. I love the effect that this created coupled with the brides big wedding dress. It works really well and the couple loved this photo when we put it in their wedding album. You might also note that this photo has a different color tone to it then is typical. This image was slightly adjusted in Photoshop to take out a little bit of the color saturation. It definitely gives a different look to the image while still retaining some of color to let you know what those hues are. We always try to provide out clients with some special effect images, but never overdo it. In fact, most of our creative images are mostly subtle in nature without over the top type of changes. We will still want your wedding photos to reflect reality and show the fun and drama present at any San Francisco Bay Area wedding. Some of the other popular effects we offer include, Black and white, Sepia Tone, Antique and unsaturated images. We have found that most of our couples only want to incorporate 4 or 5 of these types of images into their final wedding collection and we agree that this is about the right ratio. However, we frequently find certain couples asking us for more in advance of the wedding photography shoot and this is fine. If you really love these types of adjustments and enhancements, please inform us in advance and we will provide you with multiple examples. Our end goal is always to please our clients and hyper-focus our efforts to specifically meet your needs. As professional Bay Area wedding photographers, we realize there is a lot of competition and we have to be ready to provide our clients the ultimate experience. Check out Boundary Oaks as a potential Bay Area wedding venue. It is one of our favorites!