Bride Laughing during wedding vows.  San Francisco Bay Area Photography

Moments Caught at Ceremony

The best Bay Area wedding photography involves catching magical moments. When you are covering a marriage ceremony, you need to be ready for anything that might happen. Moments like the one in the image above may only happen for a quick second. It is our duty to be ready when they do. The bride was taken aback by something that the officiant said and i made her laugh. It was a great and fun candid picture that captured the upbeat ceremony that they had. These are exactly the type of memories that the bride and groom hired us to record. They want to be able to look back on their Boundary Oak ceremony in the future and remember instances such as these. Whether the ceremony is at San Francisco city hall or in Walnut Creek, it is our duty to stay alert during the festivities. Dubnoff Wedding Photography is a leading Bay Area wedding photographer. We have been shooting weddings throughout the region for many years and would love to photograph yours.

Weddings at Boundary Oaks in Walnut Creek

Choosing a wedding venue is a very difficult decision and one that must be made with lots of research and on-site visits. We would definitely put this very nice golf course on our list of recommended wedding venues. It has just about everything you would want including nice outdoor area and indoor. The indoor facility is quite large and allows for many guests to attend comfortably and conveniently. The outdoor area is also quite nice. Your ceremony overlooks a pretty pond and takes place right by the 1st tee of the golf course. Surrounded by trees and grass it becomes a very nice show place for a couples ceremony. From a wedding photography standpoint, Boundary Oaks offers many options. Formal wedding photos can be completely by the front entrance, behind the building or out on the golf course. if you want to head out to the course, the venue will provide you a golf cart. The old Oak tree no longer stands, but there are still many viable options on the course!