Marin Art and Garden Center - Wedding Photography

Marin Art and Gallery Center Wedding Photography

We love the Marin Art and Gallery Center because it offers the engaged couple virtually everything they would want in a wedding venue. Booking your wedding here allows you to have everything single event at your wedding at the same location. They even have a very nice room for bridal prep. It is super large and well lighted. This makes it a great place for wedding photography during the bride's preparations with her bridesmaids. They even will bring food and snacks for the wedding party during this pre-wedding event. For those brides who do not want their future husband to see them before the ceremony (most of them) the Marin Art and Gallery Center offers a nice private garden just outside of the bridal prep area for photos. This makes it very convenient for all involved.

Marin Art and Garden Center bridesmaids posing for fun shot - San Francisco bay area

Groomsman Fun Shot at Marin County Wedding