Bollywood girls posing for their San Francisco Indian Wedding Pictures

San Francisco Bay Area Indian Weddings

One of our specialties is Indian wedding photography. We have photographed numerous Bay Area Indian weddings including Sikh and Hindu. We are familiar with all of the cultural events that occur for an Indian wedding and have photographed all of them multiple times. Dubnoff Wedding Photography has covered Indian weddings in all parts of the San Francisco Bay area including Fremont, San Jose, Hayward, Pittsburg, San Leandro and many others. Some of the types of events we have covered include the Mehendi, Sangeet and of course the Mandap. One of the more important things that needs to be taken in account when photographing an Indian wedding is to make sure you focus on the colorful outfits, backgrounds and decorations. There are also a number of accessories that are used by Indian bride and grooms. One of the challenges of photographing Indian weddings is many of the ceremonies are done in a crowd so you have to be able to position yourself to get photos when some of the activities are taking place. There are food exchanges, drinks, and other ceremonial items that you have to be sure and catch with your camera. Keep in mind also that the guests are going to want to take pictures also so you are in many cases competing with them to catch those very important moments. To me, the most important factor of being a successful professional wedding photographer at a Bay Area Indian wedding is too be able to understand each tradition in detail. In addition, knowing how to position yourself in anticipation of the next ceremonial activity. I was very lucky when I first started out because I happened to receive the benefit of a family member letting me know what was coming as each event unfolded. This actually occurred with my very first 2 Indian weddings. I think the couples knew that I was inexperienced at that time so they assigned a family member to tell me how things worked. Since that time I have been able to understand how to best photograph all the intricate Indian ceremonies without any additional assistance. However, it really showed me how important it is as a professional wedding photographer to understand the Indian ceremony. We really enjoy photographing these Indian weddings in the San Francisco area and would love to talk to you about yours.