Groom Dips Bride at the Palace of Fine Arts in SF

Dance Dip at the Palace of Fine Arts

There are so many fun poses that can be done when photographing weddings at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco. Everywhere you go, there are beautiful backgrounds and historic architecture. The only missing piece is the creativity of your San Francisco wedding photographer. If you have hired the right person, they will offer you affordable and creative wedding photography with San Francisco experience being a huge plus! This image above was taken after a fantastic San Francisco city hall ceremony and tour of the building. This particular couple was loads of fun and we all have a great day working with them. We asked them to do a little bit of a dance dip and you can see they went for it! We like to tell all of our San Francisco wedding couples that they don't have to do difficult poses if they prefer not to. I only bring this up because in the past, we have had a few couples let us know in advance that they saw some challenging looking poses on the website and rather not try them. It is important to understand they are realize that every couple is different and we never pressure or force our couples into doing anything that is uncomfortable or too challenging. The idea is to make it a fun day where everyone enjoys making special memories. We are still friends with this couple and are hoping to do more photography related work for them in the future.

San Francisco's Palace of Fine Arts - Groom lifts Bride!

Another fun couple in the image above represents newlyweds that took it a bit too far! We were having a great shoot with them and were travelling throughout San Francisco going to various locations. They enjoyed pretty much every pose we suggested. Then when we got to Crissy Field, the groom decided to carry the bride down a steep grassy hill (we didn't ask him to). Well, you can guess what happened, they both took quite a tumble. Everyone was OK, but just a little bit shaken. Just remember when posing for photos that you should only do the things you are comfortable with. No reason to take risks on your wedding day! So many great places and backgrounds in the San Francisco Bay Area - The Palace of Fine Arts is just one of them.