legion of honor kiss - San Francisco wedding photography

Legion of Honor - San Francisco Wedding Photography

The Legion of Honor in San Francisco has been a favorite destination for Professional wedding photographer in the area for years. Its simple repeating lines caused by the the multiple columns makes for a beautiful and yet non-distracting background for a wedding picture. This particular wedding image was taken right as you come in the entrance to The Legion of Honor. As you can see, "The Thinker" displays prominently in the background, but does not distract. Because the newlyweds wanted the statue in the photo, we knew it would necessary to put them in a dynamic pose that catches your attention. Without this, the viewer's eye might go straight to the statue and this becomes the focal point of the entire shoot. We do this whenever we have some distracting backgrounds to deal with. The more striking the pose, the less likely that background will be that noticeable.

The Legion of Honor is a favorite place of ours to take our city hall couples because it offers many options. It is also a great place to take pictures if it happens to be raining because there is some cover there. A short walk and you can also get a nice picture of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Military wedding at San Francisco city hall