Pleasanton Wedding Photography at the Palm Event Center

Pleasanton Wedding Photography - Palm Event Center

I can list a dozen reasons why as a wedding photographer, I love this venue. Located in Pleasanton, the Palm Event Center is one of those few winery locations that really thinks Event first and wine second. Not only do they cater to the bride and groom, making sure they have a wonderful wedding, but they also treat their vendors like royalty. The Palm Event Center is one of the few venues that understands that you if you are going to feed the photographers and other vendors, you have to do it early and not when the couple is walking around. This benefits the bride and groom greatly and also makes it possible for us to get a quick bite over the course of a 9 hour coverage wedding. More than that is the fact that the Palm Event Center offers exceptional photo opportunities both inside and out. The Wine Cellar room doubles for their ceremony location, but also ends up being a perfect place to take bride and groom formal photos. The surrounding grounds offers everything from flowers, bricks, cellar doors and actual vineyards. Truly our favorite please in Pleasanton for wedding photography

Pleasanton wedding photography with Flowers at the Palm Event Center