San Francisco Bay Area Wedding Photography - St. Marys in Moraga

Saint Mary's College - Bay Area Wedding Venue

This wedding took place at Saint Mary's college in Moraga, California. It was a traditional Catholic Church ceremony followed by reception at a nearby venue. You are only allowed to have your marriage on the Saint Mary's campus if you are in alumni of the college. Sometimes they make exceptions based upon family members or parents but overall I believe it is enforced. It is definitely one of our favorite places to photograph weddings after the ceremony. The Saint Mary's campus is one of the prettiest and diverse photography locations in the Bay Area. There is a great mixture hello outdoor wedding photography background. You can also take advantage of the architecture that Saint Mary's offers. The photo above is an example of some of that beautiful architecture. Spanish inspired is repeating going back in the background really create a great photography frame. We positioned the bride and groom in such a way that the background was blurry but you could see the repeating lines going off into the deep. Just to give you an idea of how much this campus offers in terms of premium wedding photography, let me discuss some of the other areas that we have utilized for past marriages:

  • Inner Courtyard with flowers and benches
  • Second Inner Courtyard with more rustic backgrounds
  • Inside the Church for formal wedding photography
  • The garden area with walking paths, flowers and trees
  • Front of the Church Architecture
  • Hallways with repeating lines (Support Columns)

As you can see, Saint Mary's college offers a multitude of photography opportunities. I highly recommend this venue for any engaged couple that feels that wedding photos are important. We have photographed close to 10 weddings at this extremely popular San Francisco Bay area venue. We would be happy to talk to you in more detail about possibly having your wedding here. Again, this is assumes that you are an alumni or otherwise qualify to have your wedding here. Dubnoff wedding photography is a leading San Francisco Bay area budding photographer. We also specialize in San Francisco City Hall weddings.