San Francisco Sunset at a Cliff House Wedding by the Ocean

Cliff House Wedding in San Francisco

The Cliff House has to be one of the most beautiful spots on the San Francisco Coast Line. As a wedding venue, there is not much that rivals it for beauty, history and old world charm. The building has been beautifully restored and has a lovely bar with great views. Our bride and groom had their entire wedding here from ceremony to the reception. Ceremonies can be a bit windy and this day was no exception but honestly it is all part of the charm. Fortunately, the Cliff House provides some amount of wind shielding and it works well. Heavy fog is another possibility, but choose to have your marriage in the fall and this risk will be reduced.

SF City Hall Wedding Ceremony

his couple used us as their SF city hall wedding photographers and then went on to the Cliff House for a party. These nuptials were great and the couple enjoyed their day. They had a live band perform during the reception and the crowd loved it. The photo above was obviously taken at Sunset and we added some special effects to give the image a different look. I love the natural texture and subtle colors on the protective wall in the background. The brides wedding dress also took on a reflective glow from the setting sun. You never know how the light will play with your image close to dusk. The low angle of the sun can cause reflection off of brighter surfaces that you would normally not expect. For this example, the brides dress was in full shade, but see how the light played with the textures throughout the fabric. The birds in the background give this image a natural look as well.

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