Wedding Photography in San Francisco - Groom lifting bride at Pier 7

Bride Lifting Groom at Pier 7 in San Francisco

This photo involved a little luck because we managed to get the shot with no people in the background and we didn't have to Photoshop anything! We did clear the background a little using some other type of software that is pretty easy to use. I love how she is lifting her feet in the back as the groom picks her up. It almost looks like she is flying. The wedding dress is perfect for this because it appears to be floating. Pier 7 is not a frequent choice for our San Francisco city hall brides and grooms, but whenever we got there we love taking photos. The other thing I enjoy about this location at certain times of the day is the low sun coming in from behind as you see it here. Notice how this creates rim lighting around the newlyweds and makes them appear to come off the page. The other item here that provides a pleasing image is the repeating lines created by the street lights. These are just some of the things that make this photo a wonderful wedding image.

Bride and groom exchanging rings during SF city hall nuptials