Black and White Equine Photography Image - San Francisco Bay Area

SF Bay Area Equine Portrait Photography

This is a good place to talk about Equine photography in the San Francisco Bay area. In addition to our wedding photography service, we also photograph horses with their owners. We focus on showing the relationship between the t of them through pictures. We find that this works best when we try to take more candid photos of the 2 participants. Some of the types of photos we take include the owner walking the horse as seen here. We will also take riding pictures and then standard formal portraits of the 2 looking at the camera together. We encourage our horse owner to bring plenty of changes in outfit. We never rush through the Bay Area portrait session but instead take it slow and easy. This approach is particularly necessary when photographing live animals because you don't want to do anything that might spook them. Horses in particular, are easily scared and so it is vitally important to keep the session on an even keel. We certainly know that the horse appreciates it when we do that. The photo above demonstrates the special relationship between horse and owner. Additionally, I feel that black and white images such as these can be conducive to giving the image a documentary type of look and feel. To create this image we suggested that client walk next to her horse while looking at him. We had them walk down a dusty trail in an effort to give the photo a documentary feel. The goal was to create a soft and loving feel while still showing both the horse and owner in great detail. This photo also would have worked great in color and we actually gave the client both versions so she can pick her favorite. Equine photography can be challenging but it is very rewarding. It helps tremendously if you can bring a specialized handler with you so they can focus more on the horse allowing the photographer to make sure the overall photo works out well. If you're interested in learning more please let us know. We are happy to come to your Barn location to do your Northern California horse photography session