Family Portrait photography in Concord, California

San Francisco Bay Area Family Portrait Photography

We don't just photograph San Francisco Bay Area weddings. We also do different types of photography including family portraits, senior portraits, and horse/equine photography. As a matter of fact, a high percentage of our family portrait business comes from previous San Francisco Bay area weddings we have photographed. We encourage all of our clients to use us in all phases of there marriage including child photography, family portraits and whatever else comes along. The photo above was taken in a nearby park of a family from the Concord/Clayton area in California. One of the things we like to do when we shoot a family portrait session is to also offer individual portraits, couples photos, and children images. We don't charge any extra for this service, it's just a way to give the family many options for printing or making framed portraits to put up in their homes. The photo above is a more formal type of image but we also love to do interactive family shots. We may have the family walking hand in hand looking at each other and laughing. We may also take pictures of them in some sort of typical family activities. Playing sports, running, jumping, any other type of fun things we can think of we will do. Gone are the days of only providing a traditional stiff, posed outdoor family portrait. In the modern era, families like more natural poses and final images that reflect their family and the types of things they like to do. We also try to do fun shots with the kids. There are way too many types of fun shots to mention here, but you can see some examples on the website. We end up doing quite a few Bay Area family portraits in the fall which is a perfect time for a number of reasons. One of those reasons is of course the beautiful colors of the leaves in a feel of autumn. It is also perfect timing for those families who want to use some printed photos as Christmas gifts to relatives and friends. We also can provide you with some wonderful custom made albums to share.