Bride and Groom Cut the Wedding Cake at SF Reception

Cutting the Wedding Cake

Everyone gathers around when it is time to cut the cake at a wedding.  It actually may be the premier event at a typical wedding reception.  There are a number of ways of photographing this moment and we try to provide our brides and grooms with a number of different angles and approaches.  In this particular wedding photo, I used a high camera angle and aimed down at the bride and groom.  My other wedding photographer was coming in a completely different angle.  We try to vary our approach based up on the location of the wedding cake and  the background.  The size of the cake also makes a difference.  Here is a randomly ordered list of our different approaches to cake wedding photography.

  • Angle view down and cake
  • View that shows all of the people watching (wide angle)
  • Close up of hands cutting with knife
  • Low view looking up from Cake
  • Bride and groom looking down at cake.
  • Bride and groom looking at camera