walk in north beach San Francisco Wedding Photography

Street Wedding Photography

Nothing works better in San Francisco wedding photography then having the bride and groom walking the streets. There are a number of good ways to accomplish this and we have tired them all. In the photo above, the newly married couple informed us that they loved Tony's Pizza so it would be meaningful to show it in the background. We figured out that the best angle for this would be to have them walk across the street right by the restaurant. This is just one of the ways we photography the bride and groom walking in San Francisco. Sometimes we will just have them walking on the sidewalk and other times we will take them to iconic San Francisco landmarks and have them walk around there. We mostly encourage the couple to look at each other or look forward, but never at the camera. We prefer the photos have a documentary look.

Saint Peter and Pauls Catholic Church

Located in the heart of North Beach, Saint Peter and Pauls has been home to more Italian weddings then just about anywhere in San Francisco. Beautiful architecture and old world charm. This church looks like it could be in Rome! Definitely a best choice for wedding photography if you are wanting a church wedding in San Francisco