Twin Sisters Laughing together before the Brides Walnut Creek Wedding.

Identical Twin's Wedding Photography

This was a very fun and unique Walnut Creek area wedding. I have photographed over 1,500 weddings and have never covered a wedding of 2 identical Twins. The bride's identical twin was her maid of honor and the groom's identical twin was his best man. Fortunately, the groom was wearing his tux and the bride her wedding dress otherwise there would have been a lot of confusion about whose photos we were taking. There was a funny story that was told during the toasts at this wedding about how the bride and groom met. Without going into great detail I will just say that they met each other, it took them awhile to both realized that they were both identical Twins. I am not sure what the odds of that happening are but it seems like they are probably pretty low. I photographed a number of fun picture combinations using the identical Twins theme as a focal point.. One of the other nice things about this wedding is that both sets of identical Twins were very close. This made it easy to get some fun shots separately of the Twins and then all 4 of them together. I have had the pleasure of covering double weddings in the past, and even a sister and brother getting married to 2 other people on the same day at the same place. However, I have never and probably will never do a wedding like this again. This Bay Area wedding took place in Walnut Creek, California. The reception was at the Lafayette Park hotel, another popular Bay Area wedding venue. Fortunately, I have photographed a number of wedding receptions at the Lafayette Park hotel so we knew all the places to take the bride and groom and their twins. To me, the main challenge of successfully capturing this particular wedding was to make sure that we obtained some great pictures but at the same time featured the identical twin theme. The couple made it clear to us that it was important to make sure we featured plenty of pictures involving both sets of Twins. Ordinarily, we would not involve the best man and the maid of honor quiet as much as we did at this wedding for obvious reasons. The best San Francisco wedding photographers know how to adjust to any given situation and our 20 years of experience helped us in this regard. Feel free to look at the other photos in this portfolio so you can see more of how we handled the identical Twins wedding.