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Wildwood Acres Wedding Photographer

Wildwood Acres is one of the most prized wedding venues in the San Francisco Bay Area. Located in Lafayette, California, Wildwood really offers wedding couples just about everything they could want. A beautiful country like outdoor setting with a feeling of seclusion that I have not seen at any other Bay Area wedding venue. It is nestled on the side of a small mountain which provides wind protection and give you the feeling that you are in the middle of nowhere despite the fact that you are only seconds away from residential homes in Lafayette and Moraga. I have actually lost track of how many weddings we have photographed at Wildwood Acres, but suffice to say that we are quite familiar with the grounds there and know where to take our newlywed couples for great photos under any conditions and time of day.

Newlyweds Kissing at the head table at Wildwood Acres

Wedding Photographer's Paradise

Yes, Wildwood Acres is like a dream come true for a SF Bay Area Wedding Photographer. There are so many perfect locations to take the couple after the ceremony is complete. The other great thing is that most of these prime photography locations are not close to the where the guests are hanging out. This provides us with the privacy we need and keeps the distractions down when we are doing our formal shoot of the Newlyweds throughout the property.

Great Reception Venue

Once the festivities begin, Wildwood really comes in to it's own! With beautiful lighting throughout the venue and a fantastic placement of the Wedding cake. There is not a lot of indoor facilities here, but they do have a nice area for people to warm themselves by the fire if the weather is cool. One thing to also realize about Wildwood Acres is that it does get dark here earlier because of the mountain side blocking the setting sun. Be sure to factor this in when planning your timeline. It can get very dark well before the standard sunset and this could adversely affect your wedding pictures. To read more about our inexpensive wedding photography in the SF Bay Area, please click the link

If you are looking for alternative, yet affordable wedding photography options, consider having your wedding at San Francisco city hall.

Bay Area Wedding party fun at Wildwood Acres in Lafayette