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Thank you for visiting our Indian Wedding Photography page.  To see more photos please visit our Bay Area Indian Wedding Website. We offer special packages for Indian weddings to accommodate multiple days while staying within your budget.  As a wedding photographer with over 700 weddings to our credit, we have experience with virtually every type of culture and religion including Hindu, Greek, Chinese, Filipino, Jewish and many more.  

Turn the pages of our sample Magazine Style Indian wedding album to give you a good feel for how your wedding will be covered.  Our pricing and packages are perfect for Indian weddings, because they all include full-day coverage of your event.  Other wedding photographers may leave your event early, but not us.    Please contact us to ask about our special Northern California, Bay Area wedding photography pricing for your Indian wedding.


To check out our packages and to learn more about Dubnoff Wedding Photography  please go to We are located in Concord, California and have been a Bay Area wedding photographer for over 20 years. Please email us to ask about our special packages for your Indian wedding or any other type of culture.    

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