Indian Wedding Photographer - San Francisco

Yes, we specialize in Indian wedding photography with dozens of San Francisco Bay Area marriages to our credit. We have photographed both Hindu and Sikh wedding ceremonies and all of the other events that come with it. Our experience includes photographing the traditional Indian wedding events including the Mehndi, Sangeet and Garba. The variety of wedding coverage requires a photographer who will offer flexible packages and adjust them to the needs of their brides and grooms. Not every Indian wedding client needs coverage for all of these traditional activities. Let us know what you need and we will create a package that best fits your specific plans. Due to budget restrictions, many of our Indian wedding couples only want 3 days coverage or less for their San Francisco Marriage ceremony. We will work with you and help meet your budget and still provide you with amazing and colorful Indian Wedding Photography while keeping it affordable.

Sikh and Hindu San Francisco Weddings

Our experience with Indian weddings ranges from Sikh to Hindu and a few other kinds. This background helps us recognize and be ready for all of the important events and rituals. We try hard not to miss any details and our Indian Wedding experience helps. Once the Baraat starts, we know how to get some amazing shots despite the fact that many people will be in our way. Of course there is nothing like capturing the excitement of the Indian Groom riding in on a horse accompanied by all of his friends and family. During Hindu and Sikh wedding ceremonies there are special moments that must be captured. Indian weddings are full of tradition and are also moving. The best Indian wedding photographers must be able to anticipate these moments and capture them when they happen. Experience and knowledge with each of these events is vital to being an effective wedding photographer for San Francisco weddings. I can remember back to our first Indian wedding photography coverage and the fact that the family assigned a specific person to let us know what was coming next. We found out that this was very necessary to be effective as a top Indian wedding photographer. Now I understand and don't need this same level of coaching. But it helps remind me how far we have come, but also how very important it is to stay vigilant and involved in this ceremony. Check out our Indian galleries and see how we do it. We want you to feel like you are right there and watching the colors and the pageantry.

Sangeet Photography Coverage

The Sangeet is all about celebration! Dancing and special performances happen during this event and are typically more elaborate than a wedding reception. We arrive early to photograph the decor and the family and friends helping to set up the party. Frequently the couple will want to set up a photography backdrop to allow the wedding photographers to take pictures of each family and friend group as they arrive. Once that is completed and most of the guests are present, Sangeet coverage is mostly about catching candid moments and celebration. The cultural rituals that occur at this point can be amazing to see and we are there to capture every detail. When things start to calm down at the Sangeet, we try to take the couple out to get some nice formal shots in whatever area surrounds the celebration. We can't let the couple wander too far away, so we keep it close! We can provide Sangeet coverage anywhere in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Best Professional Indian Wedding Photography

The Indian culture values professional photography more than many others. So we realize how important wedding photography is when we cover Indian weddings. In addition, it's a given that we need to capture amazing images of the happy couple, but with Indian weddings, there is even more at stake. Check out the above gallery images and you will how many other aspects of Indian celebrations that need to be photographed. The decor is incredible so it makes beautiful detail shots even more important. Also the fact that many rituals are included in the typical Indian wedding ceremony so this needs to be a huge priority. We love the fun activities that occur at Bay Area Indian weddings whether it is skits put on by family and the wedding party or fun ribbon ceremonies. It's not surprising to see Bridal Parties that go well beyond 20 in number! As an experienced San Francisco Indian Wedding Photographer, it is so important to make sure we cover all of this in great detail. In our humble opinion, it takes a professional to do this effectively. We have been covering San Francisco Bay Area Indian weddings for close to 20 years,

Besides this Indian wedding photography focus, we also photograph many San Francisco City Hall Weddings. Check out our other pages to see our City Hall Specialty. To see other Examples of San Francisco Wedding Photography click the link.

Baraat Ceremony in San Francisco - Wedding Image
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Indian Bride and Groom after their San Francisco Wedding
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Indian Groom Riding in on a Horse for Baraat Ceremony  in the Bay Area
San Francisco Indian Wedding Photography - Henna Feet