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Blackhawk Auto Museum

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Berkeley City Club

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Jefferson St. Mansion

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Discovery Bay Wedding

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City Hall Wedding

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Blackhawk Country Club

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Mitchell-Katz Winery

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Wedding Galleries

One of the most important things to look for when viewing wedding photography galleries is the type of portfolio that is posted. Is it a compilation gallery of the photographer's best work or does it properly show only 1 wedding. In my opinion a gallery that shows you the wedding photographers "greatest hits" from the past 10 years tells you nothing about what you might expect to receive if you book. Unless you can see how a photographer captures one complete wedding, it will be difficult to understand how they will capture yours. Just about any professional Wedding Photographer in the San Francisco area can get 1 great shot per wedding. Is it luck? Perhaps not, but what IS clear is that seeing up to 20 images from one single wedding gives you a much better idea of how your final images will look. What kind of posing techniques do the photographer's utilize and how good at choosing backgrounds are they? These questions are much easier answered when looking at an entire wedding.