Affordable Coverage - SF City Hall Wedding Photography

At Dubnoff Wedding Photography we can handle your San Francisco City Hall wedding no matter how much coverage you need with inexpensive pricing. The wedding photos displayed below, are an example of a full length City Hall wedding that included reception coverage. We frequently find that many of our brides and grooms are not aware that we offer full coverage. While it is true that the majority of San Francisco civil ceremonies tend to be shorter coverage, we always offer the option to stay with the newlyweds as long as they want. Just remember when planning your reception coverage to make sure that your city hall wedding photographers are not there just to take pictures of people eating. If you're going to have reception events like cake cutting or a first dance then this is a perfect time to have us stay. We offer full service wedding photography for San Francisco weddings.

North Gallery Wedding at City Hall in San Francisco
window bride in San Francisco, Bay Area at City Hall
Best Angle of San Francisco City Hall Grand Staircase
San Francisco City Hall Happy Couple with Train displayed
SF City Hall sepia photo with romantic posing
city hall window romance photography
lovely bride posing in city hall window with bouquet
north gallery dip wedding photography image
north gallery window
romance at palace of fine arts
fun bride at palace of fine arts with flower bouquet
San Francisco City Hall Bridal Portrait Photography
Grand Staircase Railing at City Hall in Sepia Tone
City Hall Sign  Bride and Groom Waving to photographer
city hall window with groom sitting with bride
Handsome Casual Groom Posing at San Francisco City Hall
north gallery wedding ceremony San Francisco City Hall
palace of fine arts couple
san francisco city hall nuptuals
rings and flowers at wedding close up detail image.
bride and groom work there way up the Grand Staircase
city hall fourth floor ceremony with ring exchange
city hall groom poses in San Francisco for Photographer
City Hall Wedding Bride Twirl on the 4th Floor
Fourth Floor North Gallery City Hall in Black and White
michael mina wedding reception image at the Bar
michael and mina wedding
palace of fine arts wedding
san francisco cable car with Bride and Groom hanging off
will you marry me wedding proposal type image

San Francisco City Hall Wedding

April and Michael booked us for our San Francisco Tour 3 package which included trips to The Palace of Fine Arts and then their Reception at Michael Mina restaurant. Of course all of this was after we covered their fantastic Reserved San Francisco City Hall wedding. Many of our City Hall clients opt for our reception coverage instead of travelling to 3 locations after the ceremony. This attractive couple got married on the the 4th floor North Gallery and reserved the spot for 1 hour. By booking the whole area, they were able to invite more guests and have a private ceremony.

Reserved City Hall Weddings are a Great Idea

We highly recommend reserved ceremonies for those couples who want to invite a large number of family and friends to celebrate their nuptials. It was a wonderful ceremony in my favorite location. The 4th Floor Gallery needs to be seen to be believed. The spectacular huge window that lights up the whole floor is an incredible natural light source for city hall wedding photographers. But more than that, the window makes that whole floor beautiful and creates a lovely glow that bathes the ceremony in warm light. It can be a bit tricky when it comes to lighting because the opposite side of the building has the same large window. I have figured out that if I stand on a stool during the ceremony, I can avoid the extreme back lighting than can lead to silhouettes if you are not careful. Reserved weddings only cost $1,000 which is a relative bargain in San Francisco.

Typical San Francisco City Hall Reserved Wedding Coverage

Since you do not have to check-in with the County Clerk for reserved weddings, we meet the couple at the ceremony location. In some cases, we are asked to help create a "First Look" photo and we have numerous places to bring the couple to accomplish this with some amount of privacy. The next order of business is photographing the City Hall Ceremony. We obviously want to record every part of the ceremony as a highlight of your memories.

Unlike the simple 3 minute civil ceremonies that occur on the Rotunda at every half hour, reserved ceremonies can be of any length. This is because in most cases, the couple hires their own officiant and then together, they discuss the ceremony content and length. Some couples will want to recite their own vows and some will not. Either way, the ceremony is bound to be longer and possibly start a little late. Just remember that it is your responsibility to hire and pay for your wedding officiant. San Francisco City Hall will not supply one for Reserved weddings

Family and Friend Photos on the 4th Floor Gallery

Once the San Francisco city hall wedding ceremony is complete, it's time to take photos of family and friends. This almost always occurs immediately after the ceremony. This accomplishes 2 things: 1. You can get your family shots when everyone is still right there in the area. People will tend to wander off, go the restroom, etc. Catch them before this happens and save time! 2. Once the family photos are done, the participants are free to leave or wander around. This give us the added advantage of being able to concentrate on the formal bride and groom shoot throughout the building.

April and Michael had a pretty good number of family photos to complete and we here happy to do them all up in the beautiful 4th North Gallery of San Francisco city hall! We have found that it is helpful to make a list of all of the pairings you want so you do not forget anyone important. Having a list will also make this part of the wedding go a little faster.

San Francisco City Hall Photo Tour

We then took them around beautiful San Francisco city hall on a grand photo tour, taking pictures at our favorite spots throughout this historic building. We usually walk from location to location with the bride and groom and talk to them and make sure we are getting the types of images they desire. We always ask the newlyweds if they feel we are on the right track.

Some of our favorite locations include, The Mayors Balcony, the Grand Staircase and the Rotunda. However, if our couple wants us to focus on other areas, we are happy to do so. In fact, we recently were asked to get a picture of our couple with the giant old clock in the background. This was a tougher angle then I realized, but we pulled it off!

Affordable SF City Hall Wedding Photography

After seeing the photos and hearing about the process, you might be wondering how much this all costs. We try to keep our packages affordable despite our many years of experience. We want to make sure that everyone can take advantage of being able to book a top notch city hall wedding photographer. We have been shooting weddings in San Francisco for many years and would love to help you with yours. Are packages start at the very affordable price of $595. For this price you receive 1 full hour of coverage and all of the images created at your San Francisco city hall wedding.

Variety of Packages Available for Wedding Photography

Let us know if you have any questions about our packages or pricing. We try to have a package for every type of wedding and every budget. We will also create a custom packages to fit your specific needs so if you don't see a package that is right for you, send us an email or call and we will work with you to make it perfect. This particular couple paid $1,295 for our 4 hour coverage package since they wanted a limited amount of wedding reception coverage. We are also happy to provide you with a custom city hall wedding photography package to suit your individual needs.

For more information check out our San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photography page.