Complete Wedding Photography Portfolios

I have purposely set up my website galleries to show complete weddings at one location and with one couple. When I made this decision, I realized that perhaps my photo galleries would not be quite as impressive as a “greatest hits” type of portfolio that many other wedding photographers display on their websites. However, I think it's important to provide a realistic view of what your wedding will look like and not some idealized conglomeration of perfect photos from each wedding. The truth is just about anybody can take one or two great photos at a given wedding. Even with a cell phone! If you want a realistic idea of how your final wedding photos will look, limited portfolios such as these may not be the best way to evaluate a photographer. In my opinion, you really need to see the whole progression of photography coverage from the start of the wedding to the end. Only this way can you really see how your own wedding pictures will turn out.

Bride and Groom on the Grand Staircase of City Hall

How We Are Different From Other Photographers

What really sets us apart from the best professional San Francisco Bay Area wedding photographers is the ability to photograph the entire wedding and provide the couple with great photos throughout. Our 20 years of experience have taught us that a great wedding photo-shoot tells the story of the day in pictures. You should be able to look at all of the pictures taken at the wedding and know exactly what happened throughout the day. Laughter, tears and fun should all be represented in your wedding album or online images.

I will also say that there is a place to show Greatest Hit types of images on a wedding photography website because it does give the potential client an opportunity to see the potential of the photo studio. Thus, I have not completely eliminated these types of portfolios from my site, but overall, most of what you see are 20-30 photos from one single wedding from start to finish.

Groom kissing bride on the Staircase at SF City Hall

Our Bay Area Wedding Photography Galleries

Our main home page gallery is a compilation of many of our weddings over the years and we hope those pictures will draw you into our website. We then want you to look at individual wedding galleries to get a better idea of our style and ability to capture great shots throughout the day. With each portfolio album we try to show you a complete progression from Bridal Prep to the Ceremony, family photos and the formals. What you will also see are reception photos showing you our ability to capture candid types of photos. Some of the best San Francisco Bay Area wedding venues are represented in these galleries. We might even have a portfolio gallery that features your venue! Please visit our Sitemap for a full listing of all of our photography pages. Also please check out our new Quinceanera photography page.

Newlyweds smiling on the 4th floor of SF City Hall

SF City Hall Wedding Photography Specialty

We photograph weddings at San Francisco city hall every week and it is a great alternative to larger weekend weddings if you are trying to save money. Our City Hall portfolios are the same as described above with featured galleries representing one complete wedding. For pricing information about our San Francisco city hall packages, click the link.